· We are a consultancy firm dedicated to offering services and solutions for real estate consumers. Before Buy Right was born, the founders of Buy Right, in their capacity as attorneys at law, were always involved in creating awareness among consumers over legal real estate transactions, albeit informally.

· After the Campa Cola Case, the founders strongly felt that the sector needed a formal, organised contact point where realty consumers could reach out for guidance and protection of their rights.

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· At Buy Right, our larger endeavour is to work with all parties involved in the real estate sector on the whole. That includes, developers, architects, builders, estate agents, legal experts, government The real estate sector generates a lot of employment and is an important sector with respect to economic growth of India. Hence, it is important that it does well.

· During our research on the factors that have impacted the real estate business over the last few years, among the most worrisome reasons to emerge was the status of the buyer. This is not hard to believe, as if you look around, you’ll note that industries and sectors that have lived by the adage that ‘consumer is king’, have flourished. Take for instance, the FMCG sector, or the hospitality sector.

· In the real estate sector though, the buyers haven’t gotten their due as they battle with instances of exploitation by builders, high market rates, property taxation policies and more. Due to all this reasons, the consumer of this sector is insecure and indecisive. We feel that it is the responsibility of the ‘movers and shakers’ of this sector to bring back the lost faith of the buyers. This would only be possible if everyone involved in this field came together. Perhaps this way, the government will also be forced to take some positive action concerning some policies, and rules governing the developers.


         ·  Rajesh Kothari Solicitor

          ·  Gopal Sharma Chartered Accountant

·  Sanjay Tatkare Architect

·  Vijay Singh Advocate  

·  Hozef Darukhanawala Banking expert

·  Anamika Singh (B.Tech/ MBA LL.B.) Operations




Buy Right is a one-stop consultation firm you can sign up to seek professional assistance for a part of, or an entire real estate transaction.
For instance, here's where we can help:

Planning stage You can seek out our experts as early as the planning stage, when you are on a lookout for property. From ensuring that you find a good legal property within your budget to making sure the deal is hassle-free is our job.

Legal Formalities The government, municipal corporation and housing society bylaws mandate a host of requirements and formalities. Our experts can assist you in taking care of all the formalities required by Co-operative Housing Societies so that you have a trouble-free ownership. We also extend our assistance and expertise to redevelopment projects and helping execute conveyance and deemed conveyance for parties involved.

Legal Advice For a buyer to exercise due diligence, he/she must know of all the legalities and formalities. As seen in case of the Campa Cola compound, the courts of law also require buyers to exercise due diligence. Our legal experts can guide you on making sure that the property has all the sanctions, permissions and approvals before you invest in it.

Documentation Assistance The drafting of legal documents involving purchase/sale of property is also undertaken by us.

Financial Assistance

We understand that buying NPA assets have different motives – some are buying for resale while others are buying for own use. BuyRight is here to simplify buyer’s personal finance & help them get  loan on property purchased, if required.we provide assistance in getting loans from banks for a safe and secure transaction.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is a tax that is levied on documents. Historically, this included the majority of legal documents such as cheques, receipts, military commissions, marriage licences and land transactions. As per Maharashtra stamp act,1958, the purchaser must pay a 5% stamp duty on the purchase of any flat within the jurisdicary limits of Municipal corporation act of greater Mumbai and 6% for within the limit of TMC. Without the payment of this stamp duty, your solicitor will not be able to officially register your new house in your name, even when the house is transferred within the family.


The stamp duty paid document has to be registered under the Indian Registration Act with the sub-registrar of Assurances, of the jurisdiction where the property is situated. The basic purpose of registration is to record the ownership of the flat. Until the title deeds in your name are registered or recorded, you are not officially the legal owner of the house, sometimes manipulation and forgery is been done by real estate participants and legal authorities. we could help you in this matter with  minimum price and excellent service.

Conveyance & Deemed Conveyance

Only after executing the conveyance, the legal ownership of the land and the building will be with the society; by then the society has only possession rights without any legal right for re-development or any other commercial benefit, Under section 11 of Mah O Flats Act, in case of  Regular Conveyance

We also do deemed conveyance. In case of Deemed Conveyance, the builder/ land owner and/ or their legal heirs are not co-operating, therefore, the society appears before the Designated Competent Authority, who hears all the parties and passes the necessary order of Conveyance. We provide these services to safeguard the interest of the consumers.


In Mumbai, rising cost and lack of space make it unfeasible for residents to move out of ageing which is why redevelopment has become a central concept. Many of a sensible, viable ,long term solution. A redevelopment project going wrong can have consequences for all stakeholders, and it is invariably the housing society’s managing committee that suffers. In a redevelopment project, prevention is most definitely better than cure. Once the   developers is finalised ,it is important to incorporate all of the standard clauses that safeguard the society and its members into the development agreement. 


We are good at what we do and committed to safeguard the interests of real estate consumers. However, don't take our word for it.
So far, our clients who've chosen us to help them ensure a hassle-free real estate purchase, in their feedback have had very kind words to say about us.
In order to be accessible to as many property buyers as possible, we’ve worked on ensuring two things:
1. We understand that Mumbaikars lead a hectic life. Squeezing in time to meet professionals for consultation within office hours takes too much effort, so we’ve made sure we work according to your convenience.
2. Another conscious decision on our part has been that our services are cost effective.